Scoring Volunteers


Learn how to score for our tournament players.

It's easy fun and rewarding!

AT&T Junior Golf Scorer Information:

Out of Bounds: White stakes; Stroke + Distance penalty; player MUST replay shot from original position.  Example: player hits tee shot out of bounds; player must re-tee and is hitting his/her 3rd shot

Hazards: Red or Yellow stakes; both one stroke penalties.  Red stake: player finds entry point and takes two club lengths relief; Yellow stake; player must keep entry point between drop area and the hole.  Player may NOT touch ground with club in hazards when addressing the ball

Sand Traps: Player may NOT touch ground with club in hazards when addressing the ball

Unplayable lie: One stroke penalty.  If a Player’s shot is unplayable, he/she may take two club lengths relief OR go as far back as he/she likes keeping the original spot between the drop area and the hole.  

Cart Paths:  Paved only.  Nearest point of relief, no penalty.  Player must take complete relief

Swing and Miss:  Counts as one stroke if player intended to strike the ball

Flagstick: Must be removed when ball is putted from green.  If player strikes flagstick on a putt from the green, it is a two stroke penalty.  Player also cannot hold flag while putting out

Unsure of Procedure: If there is confusion or disagreement on a rules application and the Tournament Director is not available, have the player play two balls (score both) and the proper decision will be made at the end of the round

Chaperoning the Group

First Tee: Introduce yourself and establish ownership of your group.  Give your name, shake hands, get player names, identify each player on scorecard by shirt or hat color; establish initial order of play

Be a leader; lowest score on previous hole has the “honor.”  Farthest from the hole on the putting green putts first.  Player always has the option to finish putting until the ball is holed.  Take charge and tell them when it is their turn

Advise Players on rules and etiquette:  Players should be courteous to their playing companions.  No talking or moving around while others are playing and be aware of other players putting lines to the hole

Pace of Play:  Keep players moving along.  You should always be immediately behind the group in front of you.  Have players walk fast in between shots and limit practice swings if your group gets behind.  Always be aware of maximum score local rule (player picks up after a certain number of strokes)

Scoring: put a slash for full swings and dots for putts to ensure proper counting.  Write down score for each player and circle it.  Double check with each player after each hole to confirm the score you counted is correct.  Resolve differences before starting next hole

If a parent/spectator is distracting you or a player, please notify the Tournament Director immediately.  Players must make their own decisions and parents may NOT give advice on how to play during the round.  You may ask another parent to help you with your group if one is willing. 

Any rules questions beyond these basics, please refer the issue to the Tournament Director