Congratulations 2015 Scholarship Recipients


 Caleb cater, jack burlison, travis winn, anil guldiken, chloe corriveau, tivon sadowsky

Caleb cater, jack burlison, travis winn, anil guldiken, chloe corriveau, tivon sadowsky

Jim Langley Scholarship

Chloe Corriveau

Pebble Beach Co. Foundation Scholarship

Tivon Sadowsky

Johnny Miller Scholarship

Jack Burlison

Lou Russo Memorial Scholarship

Anil Guldiken

Payne Stewart Memorial Scholarship

Caleb Cater


Travis Winn

Appreciation from former scholarship recipients 

Carlos Alvarez
$5,000 scholarship from the Darius Keaton Memorial Scholarship fund

The AT&T Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association has been an experience I will never forget because it has given me opportunities to meet many new friends, develop my communication skills, and taught me how to face challenges and become more confident by helping others.

Caroline Belmont
$5,000 scholarship from the Johnny Miller Scholarship fund

I remember qualifying for the tournament of Champions at Spyglass Hill. Playing nine holes there was one of the most nerve wracking experiences I had in my nine years of life, but now I look back at that memory as one that helped prepare me for many other tournaments and real life situations. Golf gave me perseverance and the drive to succeed. It has shaped me and the way I respond to challenges, and the AT&T Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association is what gave me this amazing game!

Hana Kim
$5,000 from the Jim Langley Scholarship Fund

To me the AT&T Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association will always remain an important program that has not only helped me improve my golf game, but has taught me traits that I can use in my daily life as well. I will remember and use everything I have learned when I go to college next fall.

David Oh
$5,000 scholarship from the Payne Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund

The AT&T Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association has given me numerous opportunities to play the game I love and to give back by scoring for younger kids during tournaments and many other volunteer opportunities. All of the essential traits that I have gained through the Association have helped me to become a responsible and empathetic individual in my community. I hope to utilize these skills in college and in life.

Tina Marie Bowlsby (for Annie Bowlsby)

I want to thank you on behalf of our family for all you have done for Annie, the past 18 years. Annie became a member at age 7, and the opportunities and support you have given her are core reason she stands on every tee box so confidently, delivers a speech to a crowd with poise and polish and reaches out to her community in service on a regular basis. The AT&T Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association is a role model to this community in every way.
You helped her play every local golf course and graduate to State, High School, National and International … preparing for now Division I College golf.
The defining moment for me was when Annie received her dream invitation to play Cypress.
She stood on the Men's' 16th tee box, her shot was 220 yards, a par-three over the ocean. She set herself up and remembered the words of a speaker who had inspired her -- "Sometimes you have to make your own magic!" When her ball solidly landed on the green, five feet from the pin, the others cheered.
From the bottom of my heart, I want you all to know how much you have done for Annie. Thank you.

Jack Corrigan

I did it!
I graduated from Santa ClaraUniversity with a degree in Civil Engineering.
I couldn't have done it without the AT&T Junior Golf Association's help. Next year, I will be going to Chicago to teach at a high school. While I'm there, I will be able to import lessons of etiquette and integrity that the Association taught me. Again, thank you for everything you have done!

Nathan Winn
2011 Scholarship Recipient (San Benito High School)

I am writing this letter to show my utmost appreciation for everything you have done for me. From golf tournaments to scholarship awards, you have truly made my life so much better.
Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunities that you have given me. 
I can’t tell you in words how much it means to me. Thanks again.